NAS 英文 初歩的なこと

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To answer the following questions, you may need to visit our demo site to perform some
operations in DSM. (DSM is the abbreviation of "DiskStation Manager", which is the web
management GUI for Synology NAS devices.) Here is the demo site URL:

Here are the questions:
How do you check the logs in DSM to identify who logs in DSM from where, and when?

2. How do you check the processes currently running in DSM? Let's say if you notice a high
CPU usage and want to know which services/processes are consuming the CPU resources,
what can you do?

3. How do you back up system configuration from DSM? Can you describe what settings are
included in this configuration backup?

4. How do you use share file links to share the files on your Synology NAS to your

5. How do you back up the files on your NAS to a local shared folder and delete the old
backup versions?

8. Is it possible to create a user with the following privileges for the specified packages?
Audio Station - Allow
File Station - Deny
Download Station - Deny
If it’s possible, please show us the screenshot of your settings.

9. How do you enable and configure 2-step verification with your account “synology”?
Please show us the screenshot when you log in DSM with 2-step verification enabled.

10. Please visit RAID calculator and answer this question: If you have 5 disks (1TB x 3 and
2TB x 2), what is the volume capacity (available space) for each RAID type below?
- RAID10
らぱりん 2018 9/10 質問 その他


その他、その他 の企業/事業者/教室/プロの方のホームページの集客、アクセスアップ、SEO対策効果が期待できるリスティングサイト=Ask-itをぜひご活用ください

Ask IT にようこそ。ここではコミュニティメンバーに質問したり、回答を得ることができます。
ITについて質問したい方へ ITについてプロに質問したい方は会員登録後すぐに質問をする事ができます。

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