Outdoor Rattan Corner Sofa - Expert Guide

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Choosing outdoor Rattan Corner Sofa is pretty much the same process as choosing indoor furniture, except for one rather large consideration: the weather. You have to balance the looks of your outdoor furniture with the amount of time and effort it will take you to keep it lasting and looking good as long as possible—not to mention a seemingly endless amount of options to choose from.

Outdoor Furniture: Choosing the Right Materials

More than anything, the material used to construct your outdoor furniture is what will determine the level of care it will need year-round. So before you let the beauty of a piece of furniture completely sway you, take a moment to make sure that you are willing to do what it takes to keep it beautiful. The best material for outdoor furniture for you is what you're prepared to care for.

Ensuring Good Quality

When you’re shopping, don’t assume that price is the best indicator of quality. So how can you tell what good quality furniture looks like?

Finish consistency. Wood should be smoothly sanded and free of flaws, even in hidden spots, such as the underside of the tabletop. Painted metals should have a uniform finish. Wicker shouldn't be unraveling or loosely wound on the frame.

Tight and well-fitted joints. Metal welds should be fairly smooth. Make sure metal has no bare, unpainted areas or, worse, rust spots.

Be sure chairs don't wobble or flex too much (some flexibility is OK, especially on tubular metal chairs designed to be springy). Do the same with the table after it's assembled.

The retailer’s return and exchange policy. Just in case, upon delivery or pick up, your pieces appear damaged or poorly finished.


Outdoor living spaces, like their indoor counterparts, are greatly enhanced with varied colors, textures and accessories. Cushions and throw pillow provide wonderful comfort for lounging and encouraging guests to linger. Purchase products made especially for outdoor use so they will hold up well under the elements. Two popular material options are solution-dyed acrylic and spun polyester as they resist moisture, mildew and staining. Most fabrics designed for outdoor use will also resist fading. Cushions with vents for air circulation will dry more quickly after spring and summer showers. You can create an extra cozy lounging spot with the addition of a carpet, made for outdoor use. Personal style and preference reign supreme when selecting colors palates. Bright, colorful patterns will complement a Mediterranean-themed landscape and offer energy to a night on the patio and neutral, subdued tones will offer a relaxed, clean look.

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